Attribution: Better Bike Share Partnership CC BY 2.0

State Rail, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Ferry, and Other Plans

MassDOT Planning conducts a wide variety of statewide transportation planning projects and initiatives, such as the State Rail Plan. This plan has been developed to guide the future of freight, commuter and passenger rail system investments and services across the state. The department is currently developing a Massachusetts State Rail Plan Update for 2017 that will examine changes to the Commonwealth’s 20-year vision and four-year plan for the statewide rail system. This will revise policies and planning goals for the rail network, proposed improvements, and investment program based on trends that have arisen since 2010.

Help us launch a robust effort to design the future of transportation in Massachusetts by attending a workshop and giving us your thoughts. For more information, please contact support staff at:

The workshops will be facilitated by leaders from the Consensus Building Institute, Raab Associates, and Trimount Consulting.